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Agricultural Technology Supply & Consultancy

Trend in technology affects agriculture
There have been a lot of improvements in technology in agriculture in the last ten years. While
there continues to be advancements in GMO crops, the biggest changes to hit the industry in the
last ten years have to do more with precision farming. GPS technology has allowed for the delivery
of the correct amounts of fertilizer, chemicals, seed population, and other inputs, as well as
moisture to every part of the field and yield measurements taken while the crop is being harvested
have helped farms plan better for their next crop. GPS has also allowed for the introduction of
auto-steer technology on combines and other equipment. Mobile devices have also increased
efficiency by allowing farmers to stay on top of market changes and providing a means of simply
retrieving data when and where they need it.
One thing that hasnít changed is the need for computerized accounting
information. Computerized accounting for farmers was introduced in the 1980ís, increased in
usage in the 1990ís and continues to improve in the 2000ís. The systems for tracking their
financial information have improved in speed and accuracy. The need to have that information for
important tax information and management reporting has not changed.
What are some things farmers can do to be competitive, regardless of market fluctuations? One
thing that farmers can do to help stay competitive regardless of market fluctuations is to get a good
handle on what their real cost of production is. Use us to help you get ahead.
We have Consulting services to explain more on this issues and the related.

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